Tech Smart Boss Community Rules

Welcome to the Tech Smart Boss Community, a place where anyone with an entrepreneurial mind can come to learn, connect, and grow.

The focus of this grow is to discuss how technology can help take your business to the next lead.  Be more efficient, be more profitable, look more credible, and grow faster.

We do have some guidelines you must follow if you want to be a member and post within this group.

If you fail to comply with the guidelines, your post may be deleted or you may be removed from the group…and we certainly don’t want that!

**Please note that these rules are constantly being added to. Check back often!**

Absolutely, the most important rule, NO promotions.

Once a week, I’ll do a special post that allows you to share with everyone what you do and your business/offer links. Any self-promotional posting outside of that will be deleted (even if you slip it inside an otherwise decent post (don’t try to be slick)).

This means that you may not:

  • Post links to your website, social media, or Facebook group.
  • Post affiliate links or links to your products.
  • Create a thread asking for members to submit guest posts, interviews, etc. to your site.
  • Create a thread asking for members’ emails or to ask members to email or PM you.
  • Ask people to comment if they want to be nominated for “XYZ Award.”
  • Post surveys.
  • Create a new post with a link to your new blog or website. You’re welcome to let us know that you just launched your blog and to share the excitement, but do not include any links.

Exception: If someone starts their own thread, asking for help, and you happen to have a blog post or piece of content that perfectly answers their question, you are more than welcome to share a link to it in the comments of that thread.

If you’re wondering, “Can I post a link to my website/social media so that I can get feedback on something?” The answer is no. Please post a screenshot.

No solicitation or requests to PM you 

We’re here to help each other and if you have something to offer, offer it publically to everyone. Do not post in the group and ask people to PM you to find out more about what you offer, how you can help or to work with you (See Rule #1). Your comments (and YOU) will be removed.

Don’t share the same content across 10 different Facebook groups. 

Many people belong to those same groups and see your same posts repeated and that says more about you and your business than you realize.

Besides, this group deserves better than that. 

Be helpful and share your thoughts and experiences because they are valuable to others.

Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others. Ask questions. Give answers.  Be the kind of supportive friend that you want and need on your entrepreneurial journey.

Remember: We are all here to help each other…so give more than you take, please.

Facebook live is only to be used by admins and invited guests.

Please do not try to host a Facebook Live session inside the group. You will be removed. Facebook Live sessions are only to be used by group admins.

Just say no to Affiliate Links

If you are sharing an answer with a link to a solution, be sure to put a disclaimer if you are posting an affiliate link. But the best approach, just don’t. The members are going to see right through your affiliate link and assume you are biased in your response and your comment may be removed by the admins.

Now let’s connect and help each other improve our business and learn more about cool technology, shall we? 

Got a new rule I should add? Please email [email protected] with your suggestion. Use the subject line “Tech Smart Boss Community Suggestion.”

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