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Zapier is a Tech Smart Boss’ best friend. We always say the keys to being part of the Tech Smart Boss Tech Stack is the software has to be easier enough to D-I-Y, it has to be affordable, and it has to elevate the brand/growth of your company.  The 4th item which goes without saying, it has to be able to integrate with the rest of your tech stack.  Zapier is the glue that lets you integrate your tech stack.  With over 750+ integrations, I heavily use Zapier to make my business run smoothly and seamlessly.  I have “zaps” or integrations between Drip, Hubspot CRM, Helpscout, my own internal software, Google Sheets, Chargebee, Xero, Slack, Dropbox, and more. Check out Zapier and see if it can make your process a little more automated.

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