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A Tech Smart Boss always has a backup to the backup (and a few backup plans beyond that). If you listen to our podcasts and YouTube videos, we commonly recommend WordPress as our content management system of choice.

Most WordPress hosting vendors include some sort of backup and recovery options, but I always like having a little extra protection. I’m not saying I don’t trust my hosting vendor’s backups, but yeah, I don’t trust them.

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a good option for your toolkit, WPvivid.

I installed it on all my sites this week, the setup was simple and easy. What I like best is the remote storage feature and specifically they integrate with pCloud, a tool we highlighted in the past. Plus it does more than backup, you can quickly do a staging site as well.

Check it out, the pricing is great, and so far, my backups have been running great (be sure to test out a restore everyone once and a while just to be sure).

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