Why You Should Use Technology to Facilitate Communication Between Marketing and Sales

Today, there is no reason not to utilize the technology at your disposal. There seems to be no industry left untouched by the rapid changes that have taken place in the last five years alone thanks to tech. Customized software has been one result that helps companies operate more efficiently. It has proven its staying power, and more importantly, it keeps getting more effective and user-friendly.

There are a number of reasons to adopt technology in order to facilitate communications between your marketing and sales teams. They include identifying problems, reducing wasted resources and improved customer experience.

Identifies Problems

When you use technology to facilitate communication between your marketing and sales teams, you have the capability to identify problems before they become issues. Understandably, there can be a disconnect between the two departments due to the mandates placed on each. While your marketing department is working off research and data, your sales department is your actual feet on the street. This means that the marketing team can give the sales team all the materials they can come up with, but it is not always going to land with customers as intended. Software exists to sync up data from various departments. It also syncs up team members.

Reduces Wasted Resources

Up to 80% of marketing content goes unused by sales teams due to no knowledge assets, or lack of ease in transitioning it. While made materials are wonderful tools, it may be a better idea to allow the sales team to also have some input as opposed to having the marketing team work independently. By allowing the two departments to communicate more easily, they are more likely to understand each other. The marketing team can put the data up against the reality the sales team faces, and then, produce more worthwhile materials. Plus, the reports compiled by software can tell a more complete story.

Improved Customer Experience

Ultimately, you have a marketing and sales team because one helps the other bring in a profit so the company can continue operating. The companies who profit the most are the ones that deliver a great customer experience. The right software can provide a centralized system that records all steps taken in a sales transaction to deliver an improved customer experience.

Your marketing and sales team can work together peacefully and return desirable results through technology. Finding the right software is a great place to start.

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