Why Does the User Experience of Your Website Matter So Much?

A good user experience is determined by the level of ease visitors feel perusing your website, and especially in finding the content they are looking for. Without this, you lose customers, as well as the potential to grow your business. The user experience of your website matters so much because it influences the perception of your business, it impacts google rankings, and it increases your profitability.


Creates Perception of Your Business

The moment someone visits your website, they determine not just whether they like the website, but whether they like you. The perception customers have of your business relies on the experiences they have in interacting with you. If your page is slow to load, links don’t work, or information is not saved correctly, they will label you as “not-trustworthy”. However, if your website matches your aesthetic and is easy to navigate, they will perceive you as transparent; someone they want to return to.


Influences Google Rankings

The amount of time people spend on your website significantly affects your search engine optimization (SEO). Most visitors take half a second or less to decide if they like your site, which can have a huge impact on your bounce rate. Bounce rate then determines where you fall in search resultsand the further down you are on the page, the less likely you will attract visitors. Google rankings also takes into account customer reviews, which are largely impacted by the performance of your site and their consequential perception of your business.


Increases Profitability

An investment in a user-friendly design retains visitors longer, increases the number of visits to your site, and consequently contributes to rising conversion rates. For example, if you have an instant messaging option, a customer who has a question can immediately ask about the product, receive an answer, and determine whether they want to purchase it. Without this interaction the user is likely to leave the site, think about it for a few days, and eventually forget about it. Making your site quick, responsive, and easy to read lets your visitors focus on what product you offer and what you are selling.


To put it simply, a good user experience matters because the people who visit your website matter. A well-crafted user experience design will simplify your web design process, making it more reliable and efficient. Let your user experience be the backbone of your design to truly generate the best results.


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