What to Do When Rebranding Your Business

You can rebrand your business for many reasons. Perhaps you want to modernize your business or maybe you want to change your current messaging. Rebranding gives you the chance to breathe new life into your business and you need to know how to do it successfully. 

Make Sure Your Choices Are Backed By Data 

Rebranding is a big step that drastically changes your business. You shouldn’t make a major change like this unless you know for sure that it will pay off. Review your data and see if it backs up this decision. For example, you can see how your name, logo, message, etc. test with your target audience. Do people respond well to it? Would they recommend changes? 

Would these changes improve business? As you look over your data, you should also look for signs that you should rebrand. If you can’t distinguish yourselves from other companies, you’ve changed your strategy/meaning, you’ve expanded your business, encountered negative associations, or you’ve outgrown your original concept, then it may be time to change.

Work Toward Your Rebrand 

It can be shocking to your customers if you completely rebrand overnight. It can make your company look unrecognizable and it can even drive people away. Instead, you need to slowly implement changes. This allows people time to adjust and it makes it easier for you to transition. 

Small 1% improvements over time are far more achievable than big, sudden changes. You can take small steps as you change. For example, you can change the color scheme of your business or you can make small adjustments to the logo. As you make updates over time, you eventually reach the new image you’re looking for. 

Start With a Core Concept

There are plenty of minute details to work out as your rebrand. If you want things to be simple, then simply start with your core concepts. What are the main values driving your business? What message are you trying to portray? Once you determine this, you can center all of your rebranding decisions around this concept. This will give you consistency and guidance as you make big changes. 


A lot of work goes into rebranding and you want to make sure you make the right decisions. You don’t want your rebranding to backfire on you. Take your time as you make changes and be smart about the steps you take. 

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