We Used Proven.com to Post to Over 100+ Job Boards And We Recorded The Process and Results

One area that all small businesses can improve on is hiring. Trying to find the right candidate is almost like trying to find a good tweet on twitter these days, they are the needle in the haystack.

Outside of getting existing employees to give you referrals, sometimes you just have to cast a wide net and toss the best job posting you can out there.

But to do that, you need a strong platform that can get the job posting discovered by quality candidates and then you need a way to filter through all the applications to find the good ones.

And while all that sounds easy, and there are a lot of platforms out there to help you do it, most charge some pretty expensive monthly fees (especially the ones you hear advertised on the radio all the time).

So I found Proven.com and thought they were pretty unique in having a one-time charge per job posting, $99 in fact. So I decided to give them a try on my current job posting and record it so you can see if Proven may work for you.


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