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I’m going to get a little old school with this week’s Cool Tech of the Week.  There’s nothing really cool about VMware these days, but their technology is still very useful to entrepreneurs.

I use my VMware Workstation on my Mac a few times a week to quickly launch complete dev and test environments.  I can run a complete lab of Windows and SQL server right from my laptop and that’s why I want to highlight it as something anyone who does a lot of application testing should check it out.

The biggest value for me, deploy a server instance, take a snapshot, and then just do whatever you want to it and when you’re ready to put it back in perfect, initial state, restore the snapshot.  It’s just that easy.

Not something that everyone needs, but if you need it, VMware has been rock solid in my experience.  My Windows servers run better on my Mac than they ever ran when I used PCs.

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