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We’ve talked about the importance of building learning environments and academies on both the podcast and our YouTube channel. Not only do they educate your customers (and potential customers), it provides great evergreen content and can be a great lead magnet.

This week, we are highlighting Tutor LMS as our Cool Tech of the Week. Tutor LMS is a WordPress plug-in, so a little different than many of the SaaS products we highlight. Many of you may have heard of the leader in this field, LearnDash, Tutor has a plan to add features above and beyond Learndash, and you know as a Tech Smart Boss, we like to get in early and catch the wave of growth.

I tested it out and migrated some of my courses to Tutor LMS and it looks great and works great. But keep in mind, this is a WordPress plug-in, so expect to put in some effort getting WordPress right. In fact, I spent more time working on WordPress than Tutor LMS, but the result was worth it.

Check out Tutor LMS, they have a powerful free plan, and it could be just want you need to add courses to your website.

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