Turn Your Website Into Hotline Bling With Novocall (Onboarding and Review)

“You Used to Call Me On My Cell Phone” – Hotline Bling by Drake (and also what your sales reps are saying when your sales leads stop calling).

That may be how your website sales leads are feeling when they want to talk to a live person and have no way to do so from your website. The best time to close a deal is when they are on your website and ready to talk. But unfortunately, email and chat don’t cut it sometimes.

That’s where Novocall helps out. They allow you to put a simple but powerful widget on your website, that allows visitors to immediately connect with your sales team via telephone. And they even make the phone calls to connect your lead to your sales team for you, even internationally. And if no one is available, Novocall will let website leads schedule a call for the future (and still connect the call for you).

In this video, I set up an account from scratch with Novocall, walk through all the options for configuring your widget and your call service and put the widget on my website (in less than 10 minutes).

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using Novocall to help connect your customers and sales team.

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