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For your primary business website, we always recommend a full CMS like WordPress. But a Tech Smart Boss always has other ideas to try to generate leads and test things, and one of those growth hacks is various micro sites and other small, even temporary websites.

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week makes it easy to put up a website with custom domain by simply uploading the web files, it’s has a couple of different uses. If you’re in the business of developing web pages, it’s a great tool to just quickly deploy a site, with password protection and provide to your clients. But for me, I can deploy a landing page or micro site, using a web builder like Brizy or Dorik, export the HTML files, and upload the files to Tiiny and the site is live. Tiiny let you set up a custom web domain and your idea is live.

Check out this week’s Cool Tech of the Week,

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