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Do you create content in multiple languages? It could be a boost to your business if you do (or if you’re thinking about doing it). This week’s Cool Tech of the Week helps you do that quicker, TextUnited.

In my primary business, we have a software product that includes language localization so that users around the world can view our text in their own language. When we first set that up, we had a spreadsheet of all our text phrases in English, and I hired a few people on Upwork that were fluent in their language and English and I paid them to translate the spreadsheet for me.

It didn’t cost a lot, but we only focused on about 4 core languages and if any customer asked for a specific language, we would follow that same process to add it.

TextUnited actually automated that entire process for us. I uploaded a spreadsheet of my phrases, selected the language I wanted it to be in, and it applies machine learning to translate it and lets me download that same spreadsheet with the new language as a new column.

But as we know, machine learning isn’t perfect, so TextUnited also allows you to let a human get involved and review the translations prior to finishing the process (it takes my Upwork experts a lot less time to review than create, and TextUnited has some of their own you can use).

If translation is a thing for your business, then check out this week’s Cool Tech of the Week – TextUnited.

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