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I try to avoid having the Cool Tech of the Week be a Mac only or PC only type of tool, so I’ll just warn you in advance, if you don’t use a Mac, this week’s Cool Tech of the Week doesn’t apply to you. It’s TextSniper.

TextSniper is one of those little utilities you don’t really expect to be that useful, until you use it. Put simply, TextSniper lets you select text on anything, and it converts it to text and copies it to your clipboard. What surprised me is how good it is. And what else surprises me is how often I find myself using it.

It’s a great little productivity hack for a Tech Smart Boss, so I decided to make it this week’s Cool Tech of the Week.

Check it out, and if anyone is aware of a version that does something similar for a PC, be sure to let me know. TextSniper, our Cool Tech of the Week.

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