Tech Hacks to Make Your Job Easier

Your day is probably filled with lots of different types of technology, especially if you are a part of a remote team. With all this technology, you may think that you are already working your most efficiently but there are a lot of tools and features that can make your job easier. 

Use Your Calendar

One way to make your job and your life easier is by taking full advantage of your calendar and its features. Use your calendar to schedule meetings across your company. In calendar invitations, you can include the physical location or virtual meeting joining information, attach meeting agendas, and set a notification to remind you of the meeting. You can also use your calendar to set times when you are unavailable or out of the office. Most calendars give the option to have different types of meetings show up in different colors, making your day easier to visualize based on colors on your calendar. Add to-do lists besides your calendar to help you stay on top of tasks.

Automate Everything

Another way to improve efficiency is by automating as much as possible. Even property management is getting into the software game to automate tasks, freeing employees to focus on more important things. A great place to start the automation process is in your inbox. You can set up labels or rules to sort emails by things like keywords, subject lines, or senders. You can also set up email templates as easy responses to save yourself time. To save time proofreading, use a browser extension that can check your spelling and grammar.

Share Files Easily

If you want everyone to be able to use and share documents, try using a platform that allows you to easily share files. Software, like Google Docs, allows many people to edit a document at the same time. These files can then be shared across any team channels you may use like Microsoft Teams or Slack. You can also set up notifications to find out when documents are updated and by whom. 

You can make your day-to-day work life just a little easier by using new tools and software to streamline things and automate what you can. You can also set alarms and reminders throughout your day to make sure you are staying on top of tasks. Another simple but effective hack is to use keyboard shortcuts whenever you can. Incorporating these simple tech hacks is sure to save you both time and energy.

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