Task Management And Chat In The Same Place, It’s HeySpace (Onboarding and Review)

There are a lot of task management and chat tools in the marketplace these days, but when I came across HeySpace, it did compel me enough to take a deeper dive.

I’m glad I did because HeySpace might just be the killer productivity app that many Tech Smart Bosses are looking for.

It has a very “Slack” look and approach, and if you’re not familiar with how much I like Slack, listen to Episode 54 of the podcast. But HeySpace is not a Slack clone, it brings its own unique concepts to what works well in Slack.

In this video, I set up a new account and do a little exploration of the features available in HeySpace.

And the amazing thing, it’s free. I love that price, especially for the functionality it is bringing to the table, but just keep in mind the saying, “If the product is free, you are the product.”

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using HeySpace to help your team collaborate and communicate better.

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