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In episode 42 of the podcast, I talked about how important it was to delegate tedious tasks as a Tech Smart Boss. A key part was documenting steps and processes to make it plain to the person doing the task. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week can help with that, Tango.

Tango is very similar to a product we talked about in the past, StepShot. Sadly, StepShot was acquired, and they shut the product down, so I was happy to find Tango.

Install the Tango Chrome extension (works fine in Edge or Opera per my tests) and it will automatically take a screenshot on each click you make. So if you walk through the steps of doing something, it captures your steps.

What I like about Tango is it just doesn’t take a screenshot, it takes an intelligence screenshot with highlighting on the box you typed in and button you clicked, it automatically zooms into the area, and it converts it into a pre-built document template that you can easily edit to add in more step information, delete steps, etc.

Then with just the click of a button (they call it magic copy), you can copy and paste your workflow/doc into another tool, like Notion, Nimbus, a Knowledge article, Webpage, Word doc, etc.

Now it is free for now and there are some limitations that come with that. All your images and docs are hosted in their environment, in their domain. They do allow a PDF export, but I have talked to them, and they are working on a more flexible download, so you can host your own files and control the links better. I hope they are planning a paid plan more suitable for business with even better options.

A tool to watch and a tool you can use immediately for your internal documentation. Give it a try, Tango.

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