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Swarmify Review: Blazing Fast Video CDN For A Tech Smart Boss

In this video, I take a chance to see if I can get a Swarmify video embedded in my favorite knowledge management solution, SupportHero. Spoiler: It worked.

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Episode 131: 5 Step Process To Being A Customer Centric Organization (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In this episode, I go through my 5 key steps that your organization should do (and continue to do) if you want to become a customer-centric organization. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Episode 121: 9 Customer Service Metrics a Tech Smart Boss Should Track

In this episode, I go over 9 customer support metrics that you should monitor in your business and most of them your help desk software will not provide you out of the box.

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Episode 118: 8 Tips To Take Your Customer Support From Good To Great

In this episode, I go over 8 things that you should be doing from a technology and process perspective to deliver great customer support.

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Take Your Self-Service Support To The Next Level With SupportHero

  In Episode 73 of the podcast, I discussed the reasons your business should have a support portal and how to get started with one.  One piece of technology that I talked about was SupportHero. SupportHero […]

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Episode 73: How to Set Up A Knowledge Base and Support Site For Your Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Every business has customers (and potential customers) that have questions about your products and services.  Therefore it only makes sense that every business should have a knowledge base or support site on their website.  But many […]

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