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3 Things You Need to Remember When Setting Up Your Sales Pitch

If you have been having lackluster skills when meeting with fellow business owners, it may be time to update your sales pitch. You might have a great product; you might believe in it. However, without words […]

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4 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Sales Pitch

Those who are good at selling things didn’t just wake up one day with that skill. It took them time to develop these habits, and they understand how to turn someone into a customer. You need […]

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3 Lean Process Principles That Improve Business Sales

Waste is something that all business leaders need to be adamant about stamping out. The issue is not restricted solely to spending money on overproduction or letting inventory get damaged. It includes clinging to procedures that […]

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Episode 114: How To Align Your Sales and Support Organizations

In this episode, I go over both the process and technology steps you can take to ensure your sales and support teams are in sync as you grow.

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5 Business Processes You Need to Automate

Starting and operating a profitable business is one of the most rewarding experiences you will encounter in life. The rewards extend far beyond dollars and cents. For many startup founders and entrepreneurs, their business becomes a […]

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Episode 84: The 3 Biggest Leaks in Your Sales Funnel (And How To Plug Them)

As a Tech Smart Boss, we’re always working on improving our sales funnel (at least you should be).  But there are so many different ways to improve a sales funnel you have to be strategic in where […]

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