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75 Pieces of Technology All Tech Smart Bosses Should Have In Their Business Tech Stack

Each week we name a software or service as our Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week in our newsletter.  Not because they pay us or to put in an affiliate link, but because I […]

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Proper Daily Has Fallen (And It Won’t Get Back Up)

I just got a very sad email in my mailbox.  Prosper Daily is kicking the digital bucket. If you’ve followed the episodes of my podcast, you’ve heard me rave about how I use this app daily […]

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Episode 21: Benefits of Running a Debt Free Business (And Tips On How To Get There)

Why do most businesses fail? Generally, they run out of cash and in the extreme case their debt gets so large they can no longer service it, so they are forced out of business.  In this […]

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Episode 6: The SmallBiz Financial Tech Stack for a Tech Smart Boss

In this episode I talk about the software I use in my business to stay on top of the finances. There are a few I’m sure you haven’t heard of and wait until you hear about […]

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Episode 5: Top Apps for the Traveling Tech Smart Boss

I’ve been doing a lot of travel recently so in this episode I go over my favorite apps that keep you connected to your office and make traveling a little more enjoyable. Topics Discussed (Time Stamped) […]

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This week’s Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week -> Prosper Daily (In the Graveyard)

Check out all the best of the week in Issue 7 of the Tech Smart Boss Newsletter. I talked about this in a few of our recent podcasts (yes there is a Tech Smart Boss podcast, check […]

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