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Episode 87: 6 Ways To Improve The Onboarding Process For Your Software Or Service

Sometimes we focus so much on customer acquisition, we miss the low hanging fruit of ensuring the customers we win have an amazing experience and transition to ambassadors for our product or service.  Even worse,  if […]

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Episode 29: How To Set Up An Indirect Sales Channel For Your Business

Channel partnerships are changing these days. The models that worked in the past for large businesses are failing and smaller, more agile companies have the opportunity to grow their business by coming out with more innovative programs […]

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Episode 16: How to Deal with the Downtimes of Being an Entrepreneur (My 4-Step Process)

Contrary to media reports, not all entrepreneurs are raising insane amounts of capital and growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, for most, the downtimes of being an entrepreneur far exceed the good times. In this episode, […]

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Episode 4: How to do Employee Onboarding the Tech Smart Boss Way

Hiring a new employee can be an exciting but stressful time. In this episode we cover the technology and process you can use to make it a breeze. Topics Discussed (Time Stamped) 0:28 Onboarding of new […]

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Episode 3: The Back-Story (How Tech Smart Boss Came to Be)

So who is David Ferguson and what is Tech Smart Boss all about? I tell my story and share some business insights in this episode. Topics Discussed (Time Stamped) 1:22 How this Tech Smart Boss concept […]

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