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Episode 115: How To Outsource Your Content Writing (And Avoid The Pitfalls)

In this episode, I discuss what some of those pitfalls are and how to avoid them. Plus I discuss a few options that I am currently using in my business.

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Episode 91: How To Protect Your Business From Embarrassing Hacks (Both Internal and External)

These days hacks are so frequent, anything that happens, even unintentional bad judgment tweets, is just explained by, “Oh I was hacked.”  But when it comes to your business and your brand, it’s not that simple.  A hack can […]

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How to Get Started With Malcare (And Have Peace of Mind That Your WordPress Site Is Safe)

What keeps you up as a Tech Smart Boss?  Probably a lot of things,  cash flow, retaining customers, cash flow, employee issues,  cash flow, tech issues,  and did we mention, cash flow?  Well one thing that […]

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