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Episode 109: 6 Types of Bottom of the Funnel Content Your Business Should Have

In this episode, I go over 6 types of content you need to serve the needs of your bottom of the funnel leads. And with this content, you can take them from highly interested opportunities, into long lasting customers.

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Episode 78: How To Introduce Your Team To New Technology (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Being a Tech Smart Boss means one thing for sure, you will always love technology more than your employees.  It’s something you have to keep in mind as you start to implement technology to your team.  […]

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Episode 54: How To Make Slack the Hub of Communication for Your Tech Smart Business

I’ve talked about Slack a lot in past podcasts but I’ve never gone into detail why I use it, how I use it, and how it’s transformed my business.  And believe it or not, I was […]

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Episode 34: 11 Tips to Deliver an Exceptional Demo of Your Product or Service (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Nothing kills a good opportunity faster than a horrible, boring demo of your business products or services.  In this episode, I give you my 11 best tips on how to deliver an exceptional experience for your […]

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Episode 22: Customer Support Tech Stack (The 8 Things You Need to Deliver Stellar Customer Service)

Delivering excellent Customer Service is a combination of the right people, the right process, and the right technology.  In this episode, we’re going to discuss the 8 key pieces of technology you need to empower your […]

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