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Episode 132: How I Lost Everything On My Laptop And Fully Recovered (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In this episode, I go through the various tools and processes that I used to restore and rebuild my laptop from scratch when I surprisingly lost all my data while getting a repair.

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Episode 99: How To Set Up A Business Continuity Plan For Your Remote Team

In this episode, I discuss why having a business continuity plan is important for your remote team and some tech and non-tech ways to ensure you always have your remote teams best interests and safety in mind.

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Episode 92: 5 Keys To Managing Your Business Expenses (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In this episode, I go over the 5 key areas that I focus on when it comes to keeping my business expenses (and my mental health) in order and I list a lot of technology that can help you do it.

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Episode 83: The Do’s and Dont’s of Setting Up A Product Roadmap and Feedback System for Your Customers

If you’re in the software business, everyone wants to know your roadmap.  And for good reason.  But many software vendors are hesistant to share information for a variety of reasons. In this episode, I go over […]

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Episode 66: 8 Step Process to Start and Succeed With Your Business Blog (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Everybody’s blogging (at least it seems).  But most businesses are just wasting their time and money.  Don’t be like most businesses, listen to my 8 step process on how you should build and execute your blog strategy with […]

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Episode 60: How To Determine The Key Performance Indicators That Become The Levers of Your Business

In Episode 59, I talked about when and how to start using Business Intelligence software in your business.  In this episode, I go deeper into the concept of leading indicators and give you a process for determining the key […]

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Episode 59: How To Know When Your Business Is Ready For Business Intelligence Software (And What To Do With It)

As the founder and CEO if 5000fish, I spend most of my time selling Yurbi, a dashboard and reporting solution.  Far too often, I find small and large businesses looking to buy BI software before they are […]

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