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Episode 57: The Key SEO Things You Need To Do In 2018 To Stay At The Top of Google Search Results

Leveraging content marketing strategies is extremely important to a Tech Smart Boss.  The best return on investment you can find in your marketing efforts are the leads you get from organic search engine traffic, which basically […]

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Episode 12: How to Setup a Content Marketing Framework (To Generate Leads)

The holy grail of business is a lead generation engine. In this podcast I’m going to lay out the framework on how you can setup your website to be the ultimate lead generator for your business, using […]

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How to setup Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your WordPress site

One thing you have to be doing with your website is generating leads. Many ways to do that, but done right, an inbound content strategy can give you the best return on investment (I’ll be covering […]

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