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Episode 78: How To Introduce Your Team To New Technology (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Being a Tech Smart Boss means one thing for sure, you will always love technology more than your employees.  It’s something you have to keep in mind as you start to implement technology to your team.  […]

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Episode 73: How to Set Up A Knowledge Base and Support Site For Your Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Every business has customers (and potential customers) that have questions about your products and services.  Therefore it only makes sense that every business should have a knowledge base or support site on their website.  But many […]

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Episode 69: How to Be An Early Technology Adopter (My 6 Step Process)

Part of being a Tech Smart Boss is always trying and learning about new, early stage technology.  But you can’t just jump into new technology and expect to use it right away.  It’s called early stage […]

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How To Put Your Support Tutorials on Fleek with

Fleeq In this video, we sign up and create this thing called a Fleeq. What is a Fleeq? Imagine if powerpoint and video had a baby, and then you could share that baby all over the web in any […]

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