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How to Use Technology to Improve Your Sales Instantly

You have been looking for ways to beef up your sales volume these last couple of months, but you are not really certain what direction to take to make that happen. You do know that if […]

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Is Your Website Design Attracting Visitors or Driving Them Away?

If you pull up your website and study it for a while, then you may discover that there are elements that are done very well and elements that need to be redone. The truth of the […]

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Why Traditional Businesses Need to Sell Online Too

Some traditional businesses that have established and run successfully do not see the need to have an online presence. However, in today’s business environment, an online presence is not only meant for startups. Instead, it is […]

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Episode 93: 5 Step Checklist to Know If You Need A Website Redesign

In this episode, I go over 5 reasons why you probably need to refresh and redesign your website and hopefully this will give you the justification to make the Internet great again

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