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In this video, I set up a brand new trial account of Platformly and walk through their onboarding steps. Once in the app, I take a look at all the areas of the product with a focus on the automations. Onboard and Review (Marketing Automation For A Tech Smart Boss) Read More

Episode 106: 5 Steps To Set Up Your Email Marketing Automation Platform (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In this episode, listen to the 5 steps that I took as I migrated my email marketing automation platform, why those steps are important, and which pieces of technology I used to do it.

Episode 106: 5 Steps To Set Up Your Email Marketing Automation Platform (The Tech Smart Boss Way) Read More

Episode 88: 7 Steps to Making a Great Customer (or Prospect) Feedback Survey

Getting feedback from your customers and leads are critical to improving your business.  But everybody is busy these days, so no one has time for your long boring survey asking a million questions.  You have to […]

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Episode 79: The Technical Factors You Can Take To Help Increase the Deliverability of Your Emails

These days even if you are a responsible sender of emails, it’s hard to avoid the spam folder.  Between over-aggressive spam gateways and e-mail providers trying to bubble up what they think is an important email or […]

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How To Check What Might Be Jacking Up Your Email Deliverability with Sender Score

When it comes to sending emails these days you need every advantage you can get.  Between over aggressive corporate spam filters and the Gmail promotions tab, it’s hard to get your legitimate interest emails in the inbox of your customers, […]

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75 Pieces of Technology All Tech Smart Bosses Should Have In Their Business Tech Stack

Each week we name a software or service as our Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week in our newsletter.  Not because they pay us or to put in an affiliate link, but because I […]

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How to Keep Your Tech Smart Boss Apps in Real-Time 2-Way Sync with PieSync

When you’re a Tech Smart Boss you’re using the best and most affordable technology on the market.  And to get them most from them they need to be integrated. We’ve talked a lot about Zapier in […]

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Episode 54: How To Make Slack the Hub of Communication for Your Tech Smart Business

I’ve talked about Slack a lot in past podcasts but I’ve never gone into detail why I use it, how I use it, and how it’s transformed my business.  And believe it or not, I was […]

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Episode 48: How to Scale and Automate Your Business (Without Losing the Human Touch)

A large part of being a Tech Smart Boss is being able to use technology to scale and grow your business in ways that have been limited to only big businesses in the past. But we […]

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Episode 43: How to Pre-Market and Build an Email List Before You Even Have A Product

Everyone knows that build it and they will come doesn’t really work in today’s noisy business environment. The smart thing is to have an interested set of potential customers during your pre-launch so you can get […]

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