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Episode 100: Special 100th Episode; Listeners Ask Me Anything (Part 1)

For this episode, I decided to dedicate the 100th episode to answering listener questions. I took the questions received and picked the Top 10 (many an amalgamation of multiple similar type questions). In this episode, I made it through 5, so this is Part 1 of the Tech Smart Boss 100th Episode, Ask Me Anything.

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Episode 62: 3 Key Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Follow to Focus on Their Personal Health (and Their Teams)

The one thing we always tend to sacrifice as entrepreneurs is our personal health.  We put so much into the business,  we see exercise and eating healthy as a luxury. I’ve learned that nothing can be […]

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Episode 53: The Tech Stack You Need to Recruit and Hire Your Team’s Next Superstar

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, we wear a lot of hats in our business.  One that I don’t like wearing as much as the others is the role of hiring people.  Thankfully, after 18 […]

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