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Episode 106: 5 Steps To Set Up Your Email Marketing Automation Platform (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In this episode, listen to the 5 steps that I took as I migrated my email marketing automation platform, why those steps are important, and which pieces of technology I used to do it.

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Episode 95: 7 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

In this episode, I go over 7 key email marketing metrics, how to calculate them, and why they are important. Hopefully this episode will help you if you are doing a lot of email marketing or trying to grow into email marketing as a channel that moves the needle for your business.

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75 Pieces of Technology All Tech Smart Bosses Should Have In Their Business Tech Stack

Each week we name a software or service as our Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week in our newsletter.  Not because they pay us or to put in an affiliate link, but because I […]

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Episode 47: How to Leverage Lead and Customer Data Enrichment to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

In a couple of the last episodes, we talked about the importance of lead and customer segmentation, so that you can target people with the right message at the right stage. There are services out there […]

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How to Integrate HelpScout with BriteVerify to Fight Help Desk Spam

Do you get a lot of spam email into your help desk queues? If you advertise your support email addresses on your website (and even if you don’t really), you probably get bogus tickets sent to […]

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Episode 27: The SmallBiz Marketing Stack for a Tech Smart Boss

Leveraging technology to scale your brand is a key business strategy of a Tech Smart Boss. Marketing is an area where there is a lot of technology that is affordable, easy to use, and can help […]

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This week’s Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week -> BriteVerify

Check out all the best of the week in Issue 27 of the Tech Smart Boss Newsletter. I mentioned the BriteVerify API above in the Video of the Week section, so I’m going to have it […]

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How I Used BriteVerify to Improve My Lead Quality

In this video, I walk through a setup that I did on my website to improve the quality of the leads I get from my website.   If you’re following a Content Marketing strategy, then you […]

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