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Back in Episode 88 of the podcast, we talked about the importance of customer surveys and how to do them in a way to actually get responses. One of the pieces of tech we talked about in that episode was SurveySparrow and this week we’re happy to name them our Cool Tech of the Week.

Since that episode, back in Aug 2018, SurveySparrow has continued to improve their product and make their conversational approach to surveys even better.

SurveySparrow makes it super easy to create a powerful survey, share it with your audience via multiple methods, and dig into the analytics of the responses with their reporting.

I for one, think that the Sparrow of Surveys flies far above the Survey Primate (and if that just went over your head, I’m saying SurveySparrow is better than SurveyMonkey. OK, I said it.).

Check out SurveySparrow and see if it’s the tool you need, it’s the Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week.

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