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It’s not often that I learn of a new product and in the same week name it Cool Tech of the Week. I like to play with it, get some experience with it, and see if it’s really cool. After one week, I am comfortable naming Stack, this week’s Cool Tech of the Week.

In less than a week, I was able to move away from one of my favorite tools, Shift, and convert my entire process into Stack.

In Episode 132 of the podcast, I talked about how critical Shift was for my business process. Stack offers the same, but what I like about Stack better is the way they implement Workspaces so that you can grow URLs for quick access. Shift recently came out with Workspaces, but the implementation left something to desire.

Stack seems to be more of a combination of Shift plus a bookmark management tool like Toby or Qlearly. Check it out this week, you may fall in love with it quickly as well.

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