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As part of a great content marketing strategy is to leverage social media to share your content with your network. Whether you curate content from other sources or set up a schedule of postings for your evergreen content, you need a feature rich and reliable tool to make it happen.

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is SocialBee. We’ve been using SocialBee at Tech Smart Boss for over 6 months and it’s been working like a busy bee, allowing us to quickly share content via their Chrome Extension or via Pocket on our mobiles. One of the best features is being able to place content into content categories and setup a schedule for all your social media accounts to see exact which categories post when and how often. SocialBee also has a twitter growth and engagement feature which is pretty cool.

We’ve taken a look at lots of social media automation and posting platforms in the past, but the one we use is SocialBee and this week, it’s the Cool Tech of the Week. Check it out!

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