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We don’t often repeat a Cool Tech of the Week, but the exception is when they have come out with major updates and continue to bring great value. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week falls into this category, SocialBee.

We last named them Cool Tech of the Week over a year ago, and since then they have added a ton of valuable features. I spent last weekend finally digging in and using them and all I can saw is wow.

First, workspaces. If you support multiple brands (like we do), you can now separate your social profiles into separate workspaces with its own set of URL shortener integrations, categories, schedules and team members. And they built a complete migration method that made it a piece of cake to segment all my brands in their own little cozy workspace.

I then started to do my year-end evergreen posting updates. Twitter has limits on how many times you can tweet the same message now. Well SocialBee now has variations, so you can create as many different posts from the same evergreen content as you like, to keep things fresh.

SocialBee has also greatly expanded its integrations. Now that I was able to have unique settings per workspace, I was able to maximize my PixelMe account and use that powerful URL shortener for each workspace in SocialBee.

I was also able to get in and configure my Quuu Pro account to leverage all the social profiles in SocialBee and start auto-populating some quality content.

Like I always say, I love it when a plan comes together, and with the latest version of SocialBee, you can. Check it out today!

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