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As a Tech Smart Boss, we always endorse the content marketing strategy. It’s the highest ROI for a bootstrapped company trying to attract traffic, attention, and leads.

Well if you’re making great content, you want to encourage your readers to share it on social media and this week’s Cool Tech of the Week makes that easy, Social Snap.

I gave Social Snap a try this week and found it to be robust and super simple to set up. It just plain worked. They have the free plug-in which is pretty good by itself, and then an affordable subscription pricing model to power it up.

If you use WordPress, this plug-in allows you to select the social media platforms you want people to share your content on, allows you to position it how you want, display it how you want, and even offers support for things like Click to Tweet and other functions.

Check it out, Social Snap, this week’s Cool Tech of the Week!

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