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Just because you are not a graphics designer, doesn’t mean you can’t create graphics for your brand and marketing that look great (I’m proof of this).

One tool that I have been using for a while is Smartmockups. I’ve been using their desktop tool, but they now have a SaaS app with a free and low-cost monthly subscription model, which makes it even easier for a Tech Smart Boss to create some really great marketing graphics.

I can quickly take a logo, screenshot, or any type of image and display on all the professional looking backgrounds and frames that exist inside Smartmockups. And then I can use those right away, or combine them with the other tools we’ve talked about like Stencil, RelayThat, or even put in videos with tools like Lumen5. The use cases are unlimited.

Smartmockups is our Cool Tech of the Week, check it out!

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