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As a Tech Smart Boss having an easy way to take notes, capture and share knowledge, collaboration on documents is a critical tool in your toolkit. In the past, I talked about Paper by Dropbox as my go-to solution. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a new contender, Slite.

What attracted me to Slite is the natural look and feel to another core tool in my tech stack, Slack. In fact, it would be great to have Slite’s features as a part of Slack, but on second thought, having it seperate but intergated is not so bad.

Slite makes it easy to make private and group workspaces that you can invite members to for the purpose of sharing and collaborating on documents. And it has great desktop and mobile apps to help with the task.

It does a lot more, but they do have a generous free plan which is probably all you need as a small business. Check out Slite today, our Cool Tech of the Week.

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