Signitic Onboarding and Review: Team Email Signatures In Sync

Tech Smart Boss and Signitic

I’ve been talking about the lead-generating power of email signatures since Episode 28 of the podcast, so I was pretty excited when I saw a product like Signitic that focused on the management of team e-mail signatures. I had seen a few in the past, but they were all very expensive.

Signitic allows you to centrally manage your company email signatures. You can group people into departments and push a strategic email signature which of course has all of their personalized contact info, but more importantly a link, banner, or call to action to a campaign or promotion you want users to know about. Support emails can send a message of a new feature, sales emails can discuss an upcoming webinar.

Now in this video, I ran into some issues. The software didn’t seem to work and I was a little lost trying to demonstrate the signature syncing process. I will say that after the video, I tried it again on my business G Suite account with a similar result. But after 24 hours when I came back, all was synced and working as expected.

So it seems that the product does work very well, but there some UI/UX enhancements to make in the onboarding so users know that G Suite can take some time (ala 24 hours) after connecting before you can really proceed with the next steps of setting things up in Signitic. Perhaps since I did they video they have smoothed that out.

Check it out and leave a comment, let me know what you think about using Signitic in your business.

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