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I’m always looking for new productivity tools and this week’s Cool Tech of the Week is one you should check out as well, Shift.

I’ve known about Shift for a while but was never interested in trying it out. After all, it’s just your websites in browser tabs wrapped inside an app (so I thought).

But after having a reboot of my computer recently and losing all my open tabs across 2 different browsers when it restarted, I realized keeping all my important things in browser tabs is not a very efficient way to operate.

So I gave Shift a try (as well as a few competitors). All those tabs I like to keep open, I added to Shift and they sit there waiting for me and now my browsers are open for…browsing. And yes, Shift doesn’t have all my Chrome extensions, but guess what, I don’t use those Apps inside Shift, no need for all or nothing thinking.

I like it, it’s this week’s cool tech, check it out and do a trial and see what you think.

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