Set up and Overview of the HubSpot CRM to HelpScout Integration

Both HubSpot CRM and HelpScout are part of our Tech Smart Boss Tech Stack so it only makes sense that the two have a tight integration.

Thankfully, the guys at HelpScout made that happen.

It only makes sense that your Support Team have access to critical information about the leads and customers they are supporting and where best to pull that info from? Your CRM which should be the hub of all your lead and customer information.

Plus this integration is bi-directional, so of course your sales and marketing team in the CRM need to know what support issues and conversations are happening with their leads and customers, so this integration updates HubSpot CRM as well.

You’ll see in this video, the integration will open up information to the support team such as pending deals (so they can give that extra attention to a potential lead), as well as your custom HubSpot CRM fields.

If you need help setting up HubSpot CRM to blend seamlessly into your business process, be sure to check out our course – How to Successfully Setup HubSpot CRM (Like a Tech Smart Boss)



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