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Sometimes the simplest tools can be huge in value, that’s the case for this week’s Cool Tech of the Week,

Back a few years ago, removing the background of an image or logo was a real pain unless you were a graphic designer. I can’t tell you how much I paid consultants over the past 20 years doing such a simple task. But in the last few years, this type of tech has become pervasive and many graphic tools, such as Crello, include it as a core feature. Plus, just do a Google search (or better a DuckDuckGo search) and you will find a lot of cloud apps to do it for you. is just another one, but I do like their simplicity and their pay-as-you-go model. As a Tech Smart Boss you don’t have a need to remove backgrounds from images often, but when you do, does a great job and cost just a few pennies.

Give it a try today and see if you can finally make that image background transparent, so you can re-use that image for your emails or website. is our Cool Tech of the Week.

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