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If you have a podcast, then this week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a must-have, it’s Rate This Podcast.

The Tech Smart Boss Podcast has been on pause for a while, but we do have an archive of over 130 episodes you can check out in your favorite podcast player or here. One thing you always hear me repeat at the beginning and end of the later shows is a request for people to go out and leave us a rating and review on iTunes. Not only does it give the podcast creator great feedback, but it’s actually the best way to get others to discover your podcast.

Only a small percentage of listeners will typically take action, and I had a few contact me to say how difficult it was to leave a rating on Apple (it’s a confusing process).

Rate This Podcast helps with both of these issues. First they give you a branded URL that is easy to say, easy for listeners to remember, to go leave a rating and review. Second, they list all the possible rating places and give users a 1-click way to get there. Lastly, they give the user step-by-step instructions on what they need to do. Brilliant.

Check out my link here (and leave a rating and review ????????) – Write a review for The Tech Smart Boss Podcast (

And they give you a little embed object you can put on your blog or podcast page to also give users a button to click and rate your podcast.

Check it out today, I call it a must-have if you have a podcast, this week’s Cool Tech of the Week, Rate This Podcast.

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