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We talk a lot about SEO for the purpose of inbound marketing on our Tech Smart Boss podcasts and videos. So anything that helps us do that better, we’re all on it.

I recently came across a new WordPress plug-in that gives you all the tools you need to increase your search engine rankings and write better content, so we’re going to make it our Cool Tech of the Week, Rankmath.

For years, I’ve used Yoast for SEO on my WordPress sites, but I never took the leap to purchase the advanced features of Yoast. Rankmath goes above and beyond Yoast in my opinion and the best thing it’s free. In fact, I was able to replace both Yoast and the Redirection plug-in using Rankmath.

I’ve yet to find a bad reason for not to use it, and they also have a very active Facebook group as well as a support forum, that helped me to solve a redirection issue that I had. Take a look and give it a try, it may be what you need to take your SEO to the next level.

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