Push Updates To Your Stakeholders With Beamer (Without Being Pushy)

Tech Smart Boss and Beamer

I discussed Beamer in the past, on our blog, and in a past YouTube video. We use Beamer on all our websites, and it’s a great way to communicate any type of news or updates related to your business, product, service, or blog.

You can include your Beamer feed as a standalone webpage, a sidebar widget, embedded into an app, or even as a button/text click. And it lets your readers leave you feedback and Beamer provides lots of analytics on views, clicks, and comments.

We just upgraded to the Pro version of Beamer and that unlocked a lot of new features. One of the new features was browser push notifications, a new way to let your stakeholders subscribe to your updates.

In this video, we do an update on Beamer and show you some of the Pro features and how to set up push notifications.

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Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using Beamer with your websites.

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