Proper Daily Has Fallen (And It Won’t Get Back Up)

I just got a very sad email in my mailbox.  Prosper Daily is kicking the digital bucket.

If you’ve followed the episodes of my podcast, you’ve heard me rave about how I use this app daily and love it.  No kidding, check out how many times here –

Sadly, August 31st, 2017, it’s over.  I’m torn right now between just deleting the app now or holding on until the 31st to actually see it stop.  Hoping that maybe someone will bring it back to life.

They pointed us to Clarity Money App.  I took their advice and downloaded it, but I know money apps, and Clarity, you are no Prosper Daily.

Clarity is nice, but Clarity is really just a better version of Mint.

Clarity doesn’t give me a nice listing of all the previous day’s transaction and allow me to swipe them away if they are known or flag them for further review if they look suspicious.

Clarity doesn’t flag suspicious looking transactions or potential duplicates.

Clarity doesn’t support all the banks I had hooked into Prosper Daily,  in fact, 2 of my accounts, 1 a business account that is pretty important to me, is unavailable.

Clarity keeps trying to upsell me into some savings account, asking me for my monthly income, and doing other things that are…. just not cool.  We just met,  I’m getting over Prosper Daily and you’re moving too fast.

So to all my listeners who may be coming here to check out Prosper Daily, it is no more.  It’s gone.  I’ve known it since it was BillGuard (and I was always suspicious that Prosper was going to ruin it).

Farewell Prosper Daily.

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