Episode 98: What You Need To Know About Blockchain As A Tech Smart Boss

Blockchain has been in the news a lot the past year or so, especially with the rise (and fall and rise and fall) of Bitcoin. But blockchain is much more than just cryptocurrency. More and more you hear that blockchain is the future and going to be a very disruptive force in business.

The question is, the future of what? What the heck is a blockchain?

So I’ve been casually reading, listening and learning more about blockchain over the past few months and in this episode, I give my best non-technical (ok, slightly technical) rendition of what blockchain is, the use cases, how it is going to affect our businesses and what we should be doing about it now.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:25 Blockchain
01:33 A lot of cryptocurrency used blockchain as their mechanism to be successful
01:43 Bitcoin is one of the first major applications to come out with a blockchain technology
02:23 Blockchain is going to affect a lot of businesses
02:57 Blockchain eliminates the middleman
05:23 Is blockchain nothing but a fancy word for a linked list?
09:55 Why you hear negative things about bitcoin and blockchain
12:53 Having smart contracts in blockchain
12:56 How blockchain can uniquely identify you
15:51 Securely storing valuable digital files in a peer to peer network
17:20 Why big banks are scared of blockchain
18:54 One big disruptor of supply chain
19:52 Part of the decentralization aspect is transparency
22:24 Different use cases on how people can use blockchain

Quotes Worth Sharing

09:51 “One bad seed in a central authority can do a lot of damage.”

Resources Mentioned


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