Episode 97: How To Get Started With Chatbots (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

I’ve been talking about chatbots for over a year, but I’ve never really taken them serious. Well, I’ve changed my mind and I’m jumping in the deep end of the pool with chatbots (I hope they are waterproof and doing this doesn’t electrocute me).

I still feel that chatbots are to be feared in the mid-term future, when they start to really disrupt jobs and business models (and becoming sentient and killing humans), but for small businesses today, chatbots can really be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

In this episode, I cover what a chatbot is, the many business use cases that you can leverage chatbots for, and how to get started setting one up. Plus I give you a lot of technology choices, including my current favorite.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

03:19 How chatbots can take over our jobs and take over everything we do
04:18 Dividing chatbots into two large groups
06:00 On bots learning to discriminate
06:19 Not training your bots on social media
06:34 California passing a law about chatbots
08:20 On bots getting really sophisticated
09:37 On improving customer service
10:44 Chatbots are used as to communicate initially with customers on the website
14:40 Doing things from the customer’s perspective
16:08 Chatbots integrates with your knowledge base
16:58 Streamlining the shopping process for your e-commerce site
27:17 Defining your goals
28:15 Choosing your channel
29:08 Understanding where and how you want to communicate
29:33 Listing your question and answers
30:25 Building personality, having fun, and making things engaging
31:57 Building those other integrations
33:17 Launching and putting your bots in production
33:31 Double-checking everything

Quotes Worth Sharing

14:00 “A chatbot has no emotion with you.”

18:24 “Different strokes for different folks.”

31:28 “Build engagement. As you’re building engagement you can build brand and personality by how you build it.”

Resources Mentioned


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