Episode 96: 6 Things You Need To Be Doing With Content Marketing Headed Into 2019

Content Marketing is changing and if you’re not on top of the changes you will become as obsolete as an Apple Adapter when they release the next iPhone ?.

Just writing good content, unfortunately, is not good enough anymore. Everyone is doing it and the search engines that used to be promoting you are now competing against you. But there are ways to stay ahead of the curve and still get your message across (and your inbound traffic in).

In this episode, I go over how content marketing is changing and 6 key things that you must do content marketing in the future, so you can create an action plan today, for 2019.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:46 6 Things that are changing in the field of content marketing
03:24 Things you need to know getting into 2019
05:49 Voice has taken over search
08:32 Thinking about the questions people are likely to ask
11:27 How video has taken over
11:57 How video SEO is going to be very critical moving forward
12:04 On mobile
15:05 There are certain cause of actions that don’t work well on mobile
16:27 Knowing how many people are coming to your site
16:46 On social network platforms becoming the enemy
17:10 On Google referring less people to websites
18:39 On how Facebook is just pay for play
19:58 Creating great or evergreen content
23:00 Seeing what you do from a business perspective
24:05 Retargeting or remarketing is back with a vengeance
26:51 Influencing your marketing
27:22 Social proof is big these days
32:26 Establishing SaaS business
33:06 Running viral campaigns
35:50 Social listening tools

Quotes Worth Sharing

03:56 “Competition is fierce.”

05:07 “Change is progressive, slow, and happens over a period of time.”

Resources Mentioned


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