Episode 92: 5 Keys To Managing Your Business Expenses (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Many entrepreneurs focus so much on top-line growth (increasing sales revenue) that they fail to miss a major factor in long-term success, keeping gripes on the bottom line (expenses). Unless you are Uber, you really need to manage your business expenses tightly.

Cash(flow) rules everything around me (C.R.E.A.M.) is the bootstrapped entrepreneurs mantra (shout out to Wu-tang Clan, I’m not biting, I’m giving respect).

In this episode, I go over the 5 key areas that I focus on when it comes to keeping my business expenses (and my mental health) in order and I list a lot of technology that can help you do it.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:02 How to manage company expenses
03:01 Part of managing cashflow is properly managing expenses
06:20 5 keys to track expense management technology
06:36 Determining your priority
08:09 A real entrepreneur’s mental health issue
10:52 Leveraging technology
12:00 A strong foundation for the accounting system
12:32 Tracking your expenses
19:41 Having that level of detail when it comes to forecast, budget, and scenario
19:55 Consolidating things
21:41 Keeping your life simple
25:30 Keeping it paperless
28:24 Cloud storage

Quotes Worth Sharing

Don't get high in your own supply Click To Tweet I like to focus on the bottom line and on an equal amount to the top line. I want growth. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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