Episode 90: 6 Key Steps to Making a Successful Lead Magnet

Just like anything in life, there are some good lead magnets and there are some bad lead magnets.  A good lead magnet is one that produces… leads. 

Good lead magnets require some upfront planning and in this episode, I go over 6 key things you must do in order to create good, converting lead magnets.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:37 6 things you need to consider when creating a lead magnet
02:55 Why it’s called lead magnet
04:43 Knowing who you are making the lead magnet for
08:50 Doing something searchable
09:30 They ask, you answer
11:01 Keyword research
12:57 Writing it well
15:54 People don’t want to read long manifestos
16:04 People want things that are instantly actionable
16:15 On not giving too much information
17:29 People are looking for quick information, so don’t overload them
18:14 What your follow-up strategy is

Quotes Worth Sharing

When it comes to lead magnets, don't give too much keep it simple, keep it actionable and keep it easy to consume Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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