Episode 9: How to Setup A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

In this episode I outline my steps to creating a Social Media strategy for your business. Many businesses are doing too little, too much, or plain doing it wrong. Listen to this episode to get a roadmap on how to do it right for your business.  Plus we talk about the main social media platforms and which ones may be right for you.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

1:20 Using technology even if you’re still a small business
3:45 Social Media strategy
5:15 Being strategic about it.
6:52 Going more than communication
8:23 What’s the Goal you want for social media?
9:53 Primary goal of social media
10:44 Figuring out the mental budget
12:54 Who’s your target?
16:12 Figuring out what you have to say
18:56 Focusing one what platform
21:38 Facebook
24:14 Twitter
26:05 LinkedIn
27:51 Pinterest
28:56 Instagram
29:57 Snapchat
30:29 Youtube
32:20 Yelp
33:39 Quora
34:15 Google Plus
35:10 Wrap up on what we talked about

Quotes Worth Sharing

Social media is something that everybody should be doing Click To Tweet
You can’t be an expert on a moving target Click To Tweet
Facebook is about building relationships Click To Tweet
You can’t be a robot out here in social media Click To Tweet

 Download Social Media Strategy Checklist

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Resources Mentioned


Thanks for listening and checking out the show notes,  any feedback, comments, or questions, send me a email at [email protected]

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